makemeSMOKEFREE - Terms of Use for the QuitONLINE digital programme


  1. Ownership and Identity: makemeSMOKEFREE is a brand name owned in full by UK limited company Illuminow Ltd, 2 Reservoir Houses, Ogston, Higham, Derbyshire, UK, DE55 6EL. 

  2. Products: makemeSMOKEFREE is a stop smoking programme delivered both in live sessions and in this digital format. These terms are applicable to the digital product.

  3. By purchasing this product all users are to be bound by the terms detailed below.

  4. Violation of these terms will result in the termination of your User Account.

  5. Payments: a full valid credit card or PayPal account is required to purchase products or for use in verifying your identity.

  6. Taxes: all prices are inclusive of taxes unless otherwise stated.

  7. Due to the nature of this programme, no refunds are offered.

I understand that due to to the duration of this programme and the fact that it is available to me on immediate download, I am waiving my rights to the standard UK 14 day cooling off period.

  1. Health & Safety - it is your responsibility to ensure that you can participate safely in this programme. Hypnosis is not recommended for people who have been diagnosed with psychotic conditions. Please consult your physician if you are unsure. Do not operate machinery or be drive any vehicle whilst listing to any of the audio tracks contained in this programme. 

  2. Personal use only: all products and content are purchased on the understanding that they are for your sole personal use for the agreed access period you have purchased (i.e. 40 days).

  3. Distribution or replication: any distribution, recording, replication or transcribing of the materials contained within this programme will be considered a breach of it’s terms and the intellectual property rights of makemeSMOKEFREE and Illuminow Ltd and these will be enforced rigorously through the appropriate legal channels.

  4. Competitive activity: you agree not to build products using similar ideas, features or functions of the makemeSMOKEFREE programme or or to gain any commercial benefit through it’s content (excluding agreed Affiliate Agreements).

  5. Use of names, logos, trademarks, domain names: you do not have permission to use any of these without gaining written agreement from Illuminow Ltd.

  6. Liability: we will not be liable for any delays or interruptions to the provision of services due to technical faults, natural disasters, or any other circumstances beyond our control.