30 day programme

Step by step audio and video programme - continue to smoke for the first 7 days. Use powerful hypnosis to quit and then embed your new life as a non-smoker

Feel calm instantly

You'll learn a skill you can use for the rest of your life.. practice this and you can access a feeling of calm whenever you need it.

Authentic relaxation

Most of us have no idea how to fully relax... it's more than feeling a bit chilled out. You'll learn how to use a relaxation technique to manage your "I want a cigarette" feeling.

Never go back to smoking...

Some of our quitters have reported that it feels like they never even been a smoker, so they don't mope around missing smoking like they have done in  the past

And learn the tools to get back on track if you do...

Slip ups can happen: they've probably happened to you before. You'll learn simple ways to get back on track if you do find yourself in the wrong place. No recriminations... just a way to get you to where you want to be.

Bonus Sleep Soundly Hypnosis

If you've tried to quit before you may have noticed your sleeping can be disturbed for a short while. Our Sleep Soundly audio track has been designed to support you through this stage. 

You really can be a non-smoker and feel Ok