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What I don't have enough will power to quit?

When people talk about will power and stopping smoking, they are usually describing an internal battle. A battle where one part of you wants to do one thing (stop) and another does a really good job of resisting and wants to carry on. makemeSMOKEFREE addresses that exact issue, ensuring that there is no inner battle going on. The only question that determines whether you will be successful or not is whether you are prepared to make some effort and to follow the guidance of the programme. If the answer is 'yes' , you do not need to be concerned about how much willpower you have, or don't have.


Why must I carry on smoking for the first week?

Important changes are being made in that first week that set you up for success. In order to think and feel differently about being a smoker it's actually helpful to make changes whilst you are still smoking. This causes a shift - your smoking starts to feel a bit strange and unfamiliar to you and that helps dissolve this feeling that you ARE a smoker rather than just being someone who smokes. That is a vital part of the puzzle in not just stopping smoking, but staying a non-smoker.


How do I participate in makemeSMOKEFREE?

QuitONLINE, the 30 day on demand audio and video, supported version of the programme is available here on an e-learning platform. You receive coaching videos which help you think and feel differently about smoking as well as powerful hypnosis audio tracks . You also get daily tips by email to encourage you and keep you on track.

If you would like to experience makemeSMOKEFREE as a private coaching programme with QuitCOACH Sarah Kallend, you can send her a note here.