Some of the physical benefits of stopping smoking, like improved blood flow are felt  within weeks and the reduction in serious and life threatening conditions is clearly documented. Less well known is the reduction in anxiety reported by many who have quit smoking.

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If your smoking facilities are 'hidden' from public sight you still have the environmental impact of smoking to deal with. And if you don't make provision, you may be one of the places where customers or visitors have to enter the building through a cloud of second hand smoke.... yuck!

Money in the bank
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A 20 a day smoker who gives up feels the financial benefit on day one and then  enjoys  the equivalent of a £5000 (net) annual pay increase. Now that's a happier employee!  

From providing safe places for people to smoke, to dealing with unauthorised absences, and the enhanced risk of people smoking unsafe illegal cigarettes and using e-cigarettes (which can be combustable), smoking is a huge safety challenge for any organisation.

... employees do want smoking cessation programmes and they are of huge value to people. They should form a core element of a business’s workplace wellness policy.

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Employers should develop a smoking cessation policy, provide employees with information on local stop smoking support services, publicise the interventions above and allow staff time off to attend smoking cessation services.                                                                                                                              

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