The 30 day Online Stop Smoking Programme

Sigarasız Yaşham

Are you ready to create a new smoke free life?

For people who WANT to quit, but don't know how or even IF they can
30 day programme

Step by step audio and video programme - continue to smoke for the first 7 days. Use powerful hypnosis to quit and then embed your new life as a non-smoker

Feel calm instantly

You'll learn a skill you can use for the rest of your life.. practice this and you can access a feeling of calm whenever you need it.

No moods or misery

Some of our quitters have reported that it feels like they never even been a smoker, so they don't mope around missing smoking like they have done in  the past

Authentic relaxation

Most of us have no idea how to fully relax... it's more than feeling a bit chilled out. You'll learn how to use your natural tension to become highly skilled at relaxing.

Support... support.

Get as much support as you need to get to your goal. Daily contact from QuitCOACH Sarah Kallend, plus meet others in the private Facebook QuitZONE group

Bonus Sleep Soundly Hypnosis

If you've tried to quit before you may have noticed your sleeping can be disturbed for a short while. Our Sleep Soundly audio track has been designed for people with even the most severe sleeping challenges to support you through this stage and you get it included with makemeSMOKEFREE