Open the door to freedom







makemeSMOKEFREE: the 30 day stop smoking programme

you can do in your own home and in your own time.


30 a day

When I wake up in the morning my breathing is better: my life is just so much better. I find myself walking past the cigarette kiosk grinning because I know I’m not wasting my money*


20 a day

I thought I’d be miserable when I stopped smoking, that I couldn’t drink a glass of wine.. it’s completely not like that at all! I can go out without it bothering me.. do anything. It’s completely changed my life!*


10 a day

makemeSMOKEFREE is fantastic. I quit smoking and I didn’t think I would. My breath doesn’t stink.. I feel a lot happier.. not reliant on anything… I feel so much better*


15 a day

I used to smoke one after

the other sometimes. But now I don't want to 

smoke and I'm 

feeling ok. 

You can do it... you CAN stop

Sarah Kallend

I'm an ex smoker - there's nothing you've ever thought or felt about smoking that I haven't felt too. I get it... I really do. As a Behavioural Change Specialist, a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner I've combined years of experience, research and training in how people make changes in their lives to create this simple programme. It gives you brilliant tools to help you stop smoking and STAY stopped.

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